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What information does the Audi Genuine Accessories Online Catalogue offer?

The Homepage allows you to navigate to the main categories of & Wheels & Tires, & Sport & Design, Transport, Communication, Family, and Comfort & Protection & along with their subcategories. This is also where you will find information about the Help Page, Contact, and the Legal Notice. The Homepage also allows you to select a specific model from the selection of models at any time or reset your selected vehicle.

Is the Audi Genuine Accessories Online Catalogue also available in other languages?

The Audi Accessories Online Catalogue is currently available in German and English. You can select or change the language by clicking on the country codes in the menu in the bottom-right corner of the footer.


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How can I search for specific products?

Searching in  Audi Genuine Accessories Online Catalogue  offers you various options. You can start your search using the search bar in the upper middle. You can enter product names, general terms and part or item numbers in the input field. When entering, a selection of possible items or categories will be listed below the input field. Click on the search icon to see the search results.

How do I find the right accessories for my vehicle?

You can select your desired model via the selection of models on the Homepage and on the category pages of the Audi Genuine Accessories Online Catalogue. . Clicking on "Select model" and clicking on an icon will open the different versions (with years of manufacture) for the respective model series. You can click on your model or select a different model range via "Change model range".

Once your model is selected, only vehicle-specific Audi Genuine Accessories will be displayed. You can now search for products using the categories or the shop's search option.

On each item detail page, vehicle compatibility is specified in the "Model use" tab (right to the Product description). If you have any questions about this, please contact your Audi Partner.

Is VAT included in the displayed prices?

The prices in the Audi Genuine Accessories Online Catalogue are the manufacturer's recommended retail prices (RRP), including VAT. The prices given by the Audi Partner may vary.

Can I order products?

It is currently not possible to order online.

You can request products from Audi Partners by clicking on the "Send inquiry" button on the item page. You can select an Audi Partner near you under "Please select a Partner". After you have completed and submitted the form, the Audi Partner will contact you shortly.



Do you have any other questions or concerns?

You can use the contact form for questions, requests and suggestions

What do I do in the event of technical issues on the site?

Please report technical issues using the contact form. We will try to rectify the fault as quickly as possible and will contact you if needed.

Your Audi Genuine Accessories Team

*SRP = Manufacturer`s suggested retail price; Audi partner prices may vary; additional costs may be incurred due to installation and necessary Audi Genuine Parts.