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1. General information

AMAG Import AG Audi Division, Alte Steinhauserstrasse 12, 6330 Cham ("AUDI", "we", "us" or "our") processes your personal data as controller, specifically through cookies and similar technologies (as defined below), when you use this website.

The cookie policy explains which cookies and similar technologies we use for which purposes on our website and what options you have for managing your preferences.

We use tools on our website to facilitate the use of the website, to improve user-friendliness and to provide various features (for more information, see sections 3 and 4). These tools include, for example, cookies, pixels and scripts (hereinafter "cookies").

Cookies are small data records that are stored on your device and contain data such as personal page settings (e.g. language, screen resolution) and login information. This data record is generated by the web server that you have connected to via your browser and sent to you.

For more information on how we process your personal data, including personal data collected through cookies, how you can exercise your data protection rights and the contact details of our data protection officer, please see our data protection notice data protection notice.

2. Use of cookies

It is also possible to access our website without cookies, but use without cookies may change the function or availability of the website. However, if you wish to make full use of the features of our websites, you should accept the cookies that enable the use of certain functions or make them more convenient.

Most browsers are set by default to automatically accept all cookies. In addition to your rights as a data subject, you can object to the use of cookies at any time retroactively by setting your browser so that it does not accept cookies or only accepts certain cookies or notifies you as soon as cookies are sent. As a result, you may not be able to use all the features of our websites to their full extent.

Please note that your selection only affects the browser you were using when you made the selection. If you use different browsers or devices, you may have to make your choice of cookies again. Under certain circumstances, the settings may be reset to the default settings after updates or if you delete the cookies from your browser, which means that we may ask you to make your cookie selection again the next time you visit our website.

The following links will assist you in dealing with cookie browser settings. You can also use the "Help" function of your browser to find out more information:

There are also software products that manage cookies for you. You can also find further information on cookies and the handling of cookies online, such as

If you change/adjust your browser settings or use certain software products that block cookies, we will take these browser settings and the settings in the software products into account and will not send the blocked cookies. If you allow cookies in your browser settings, we will present you with a cookie banner on our website, which you can use to manage your cookie settings, e.g. to activate certain cookies. Cookies are only set if you give your consent for the respective cookie category. Please note that necessary cookies (see section 3 below) do not require your consent and are always set if you allow cookies in your browser settings.


3. Which cookies do we use?

We generally use cookies in the following categories:



Necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary for the website to function. Without these cookies, services such as the vehicle configurator would not work.


a. Storage period

Cookies can be stored on your device either for a longer period of time or temporarily.

What are known as permanent cookies are stored on your device for a certain period of time until a specified expiry date of the cookie (or until you delete it beforehand). This saves language settings, for example, so that you do not have to make them again for our website.

On the other hand, what is known as a session cookie temporarily stores a session identifier while you are active on our website. This prevents you from having to log in again when you change pages, for example. Session cookies are deleted when you log out or lose their validity as soon as your session has expired.

b. First-party cookies

A first-party cookie is a cookie that is set by us as the controller (which shall have the same meaning as a responsible party in other jurisdictions) or by our processors (which shall have the same meaning as an operator in other jurisdictions). The AUDI company that operates the website (see imprint) is responsible for data processing. This AUDI company processes the data collected by the first-party cookies for its own purposes, regardless of whether it has programmed the cookie itself or uses the cookie of another legal entity

c. Cookies used on this website

Below you will find a summary of the cookies we use, which is intended to provide you with information about the purpose and type of the respective cookie and its storage period.

(1) Necessary cookies

Name of cookie

Name of application

First-party cookie / third-party cookie

Purpose of cookie

Type of cookie and expiry date (session cookie or permanent cookie)

Storage period for data collected via Cookies



Identification of the user's session.

Session cookie

Expires after session ends



Session Affinity in the Kubernetes cluster, prevents the user from switching pods in the Kubernetes cluster during an active session.

Session cookie

Expires after session ends



Recognising the user at the end of a session to enable the shopping basket and assignment to customer segments across individual sessions.

Permanent cookie

Expires after 2 years



Securing communication between shop frontend and backend.

Permanent cookie

Expires after 10 minutes

5. Recipients of your personal data

Personal data that is collected and stored through the use of third-party services is made available to the developers, employees and consultants of the third-party provider. Further information on recipients of your personal data can be found in our data protection notice. Appropriate security and confidentiality measures are guaranteed at all times.

6 Cross-border transfer of personal data

Your personal data may be stored outside your country of residence and as such your personal data will be accessible to law enforcement and/or regulatory authorities in accordance with the applicable laws of those countries. If required by law, we will first obtain your express consent for this kind of transfer of your personal data outside your country of residence.

Further information on the cross-border transfer of your personal data can be found in our data protection notice.

7. Contact us

Our data protection officer is your contact person for all data protection matters and is available to support you in exercising your rights. Please send your enquiries to: AMAG Import AG, Datenschutz, Legal & Compliance, Alte Steinhauserstrasse 12, 6330 Cham,

Cookies policy from 22/11/2023


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